Tech Culture

Each developer is driven by passion, curiosity for technology and the ambition to work together to make JobTeaser better every day. Our values are reflected in our exchanges, our organization and our choices: Humility, Commitment, Agility, Enthusiasm.

  • Mentoring

    Particular attention is paid to team mentoring. Team members with expertise in a technical or organizational field help others build skills and thus have a solid foundation of common knowledge.

  • Evolution

    Each developer can focus his or her career either on expertise, specializing in a field of skills, technical or agile, or towards management where he or she can evolve as Engineering Manager. He or she can then help other developers at JobTeaser grow.

  • OKR Organization

    We pilot the company strategy through OKRs. Each squad translates them into their own OKRs for their scope. The Objectives define what we try to do, and the Key Results how success will be measured.

  • Scrum

    Our squads work around this Agile model. With iterations of two weeks, the teams focus their sprint on a specific problem in order to bring the maximum value.

Our Teams

Many autonomous teams,
one shared technical vision

  • Frontend

    They design responsive and reusable graphic elements for reactive interfaces around a design system created in our image. BEM, PostCSS and HTML5 are their friends in designing their components. React-Redux brings everything together and guarantees a fluid and controlled interface.

  • Backend

    The backend chapter develops and maintains the microservice infrastructure which powers JobTeaser applications. Using Kubernetes, Kafka and gRPC but also PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis and other technologies, they do their best to make sure the platform runs smoothly whatever happens.

  • Infra

    The best software needs to run on a strong technical foundation, this is why the infra team put a great deal of effort into building the best infrastructure and platform for JobTeaser. If you’re interested on continuously delivering tested and secure software solutions in the cloud and via multiple Kubernetes clusters, this is the team for you!

  • Data

    JobTeaser’s data team collects all our product and sales data. They provide the product managers, as well as the sales teams, with recommendations based on the data. Tey design and build models to serve the products, with the ultimate aim of personalising the students’ and recent graduates’ experience on the platform as much as possible.

  • QA

    The QA team works tirelessly to create a culture of ‘a-job-well-done’ here at JobTeaser. To join the team, you need to have eyes like a hawk, be allergic to bugs and love testing as a team! They use Selenium, Nightwatch and Postman technologies.

  • Design

    A multidisciplinary bunch, the design team works together with one common goal - to make users happy with intuitive, high-performance and engaging products. Our approach is based on solid user research, rapid prototyping and regular user testing.